Three “Must Dos” For Walking Your Puppy

While walking to the gym this morning I encountered a man walking his puppy on the other side of the street.   The puppy was trailing behind him a bit, not quite to the end of the six foot leash.  The puppy looked over at me in a friendly way, slowed down, and moved to the…

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Overlooked Secrets to Successful Housetraining

When it comes to housetraining, most new dog or puppy owners, want this to happen fast!  But any behavior professional and dog owner will tell you that when it comes to any sort of training, nothing ever seems to go as quickly as we want or expect.  In this short article we give you three…

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Snappy Trainers – the original returns!

What is it? The Snappy Trainer is an effective training device, often used in multiples, to correct a large variety of unwanted behaviors. Since the owner can’t always be at the scene of the "crime", the Snappy Trainer is the perfect training aid. How does it work? The Snappy Trainers are set and placed on…

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Dog Bites and Human Expectations

Here in Arizona, where we now spend the winters, we’ve read about two serious attacks by dogs on people.  One was fatal, the other resulted in permanent disfigurement of a four year old little boy.  The dog responsible for the fatal attack was euthanized, while the fate of the dog that maimed the child is…

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Does City Living Stress Dogs Out?

It may be harder to be a dog today than at most any other time throughout the 15,000 years dogs have lived with humans.   If that sounds like a surprising statement, let us tell you about a recent experience that led us to arrive at that opinion. We visited Suzanne’s cousin and his family, who…

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