Snappy Trainers – the original returns!

What is it? The Snappy Trainer is an effective training device, often used in multiples, to correct a large variety of unwanted behaviors. Since the owner can’t always be at the scene of the "crime", the Snappy Trainer is the perfect training a...

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Dog Bites and Human Expectations

Here in Arizona, where we now spend the winters, we’ve read about two serious attacks by dogs on people.  One was fatal, the other resulted in permanent disfigurement of a four year old little boy.  The dog responsible for the fatal attack was ...

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Does City Living Stress Dogs Out?

It may be harder to be a dog today than at most any other time throughout the 15,000 years dogs have lived with humans.   If that sounds like a surprising statement, let us tell you about a recent experience that led us to arrive at that opinion. We ...

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Helping Pets Get Along

We’ve received a number of emails recently about problems introducing cats to resident pets – both to other cats and dogs.  This topic has been on our radar because Suzanne just finished presenting a lecture on “The Peaceable Kingdom&rdq...

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A May Sale in Honor of All Puppy Moms

(and Dads!) In our house, Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) consists of each of us receiving one or more cards from our four legged children.  And the “thank yous” for being a good pet parent that each of us makes up to write in the ...

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