Thanks for attending the CSU Behavior Symposium.  To say thanks for attending, we’ll give you 15% off ALL your purchases from this page  (with the exception of membership in Behavior Education Network) February 22nd,  Enter the coupon code "go rams" at checkout to receive your discount.

Join Behavior Education Network– for the serious pet professional. Wow!  We have MULTIPLE webinars in BEN pertaining to dog-dog relationships including "Managing and Resolving Conflicts Among Family Dogs",  "Communicate, Cooperate, Educate and Belong and the Real Science Behind Social Dominance" and much more!

"Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships Among Family Dogs" – complete webinar course upon which Dr. Hetts’ presentation at CSU was based

"Dangers of Dominance" – DVD that explains social dominance from a behavior scientists’ perspective and how and why the topic has been so mangled in the popular dog training literature.

"Canine Body Postures: The Professional’s Video Guide to Understanding the Body Language of Dogs" – our new DVD  that describes and interprets every aspect and combination of dog body posture from ears to tail. 

"Managing Dogs in a Group Setting" – this webinar course is for people managing larger groups of dogs, such as in day cares , but still has GREAT tips for the multiple dog family.

"Managing Chaos at the Door" – high arousal situations can be the trigger for dog fights. Discover 10+ techniques for creating structure and regaining control when the doorbell rings!

"Bring Out Your Dog’s Best Behavior in Five Easy Steps" – if you feel like your dog(s) has tuned you out – or never tuned you in – this webinar course is for you!.


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