Searching for someone to help you with your dog’s training or behavior problem is something you should take seriously.  You want your children’s teacher to be well educated and professionally trained; not just someone who loves children and likes to teach.  If your child was having behavior or learning problems in school you’d seek out a counselor or psychologist who was professionally educated and trained. 

Seek out help for your dog from the same perspective.  Don’t rely on who is the most visible or does the best marketing in your community.  Evaluate the credentials of the people who you considering.  Your dog is going to be a part of your family for likely well over 10 years so investing in the best help available is worth it.  Your dog’s life may literally depend on it. 

Click HERE to download our Guidelines for Choosing a Trainer or Behavior Consultant

We also recommend  "Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer" by Katenna Jones, M.A., ACAAB  Click the link and you’ll go directly to the book’s page at Dogwise.


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