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  • Zolojora wrote 25.10.2017, 14:19: #1

    I'd certainly thought the etiquette was you hold out your hand rather than getting grabby, sure - which would, to my way of thinking, address any problems of unwanted touch, same as it does for hugs (I follow a similar protocol where I don't hug someone unexpectedly, I let them meet me). I guess I'd always thought there are plenty of ways out of being "locked in", as long as someone doesn't grab your hand, so if this was an actual problem then it must be because someone is grabby (doesn't follow proper handshake etiquette). Sometimes, I "have a cold" and politely decline to infect those around me. Meanwhile, it would be good if social norms changed so it was easier to decline unwanted handshakes, same as it is considered acceptable to decline a hug.

  • Nezragore wrote 22.10.2017, 10:56: #2

    Nice duo but what's up with the camera guy breathing so hard. #bonerkiller

  • Kazishura wrote 31.10.2017, 00:00: #3

    Those sugary tits.I would love to jizzed my fountain on those.

  • Zusar wrote 30.10.2017, 13:53: #4

    I just LOVE that the engineer that looks like he rolled out of a dirty laundry basket and smells like a turtle tank tells me how to do my job. Cool story, bro.

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